The (In)visible face lift

multivector harmonic face lift

A new harmonic very short scar face lift technique without the drawback of the Macs lift is presented by Dr. J. Vermeylen

Why is it so much better then a MACS lift?

The main drawbacks of the MACS lift are the very obvious prehairline temporal scar, the insufficient correction of the neck in case of skinlaxity  and the excess skin in the temporal area. These drawbacks are caused by the vertical vector of the MACS lift.
The main drawbacks of the classical face lift are the length of the scar, the unnatural "in wind" look, the higher chance of complications and the very slow recovery after the procedure. This is caused by the wide undermining and the mainly horizontal vector.

A face lift should have a very short inconspicuous scar, a complete correction of face and neck, create a NATURAL UNOPERATED look, be adjustable to different type of faces ,very fast recovery time and an extremely low complication rate.


The Technique

Short scar with no temporal prehairline component makes it afterwards nearly invisible.

multivector harmonic face lift

Multivectors make it easy to correct any type of face.

multivector harmonic face lift

Thread lift principles combined with anchoring points.

multivector harmonic face lift

 Minimal skin undermining causes less complications and very fast recovery.

multivector harmonic face lift

General information

Want to know more about what I offer? I’m committed to helping more people like you, every day. Check out this page for all the different ways you can work with me. All procedures are performed at te Clinica d'oro private operating theatre in Turnhout, Belgium.

Yugen philosophy 

I am Dr. Jan Vermeylen , plastic surgeon for nearly 30 years. I am head of the Plastic and reconstructive surgery department  of AZ Turnhout, Belgium.
I am a regular speaker at international meetings and have several internationally published papers in the field of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
Since many years i am completely devoted to the art of facial rejuvenation in all its surgical and medical aspects. I have invented the laser assisted Stemcell therapy to improve and rejuvenate the facial skin. I am also the inventor of the MACS U lift which is the predecessor of the Multivector Harmonic lift.
Operations under general anaesthesia are performed in AZ Turnhout hospital. All the procedures under local anaesthetics are performed in my private setting Clinica d'oro. In my private hospital i have a fully equipped operating room which complies to the European standards. Discretion is always assured.

It is my mission to always be at the cutting edge of surgical procedures. Listening to the patients needs and explaining exactly what is or is not possible is of extreme importance to me. I always do everything possible to give an honest advice.

My main surgical goal is to create an NATURAL and UNOPERATED look with as little as possible visible signs of a surgical procedure.

But I even go further  and find inspiration in the :

The Yugen principles stand for Profound Grace and Subtlety.
Yugen suggests "that" which is beyond what can be said.
My main goal is to restore your facial beauty to how it was in the earlier years and to  keep ,or even enhance, your very personal facial characteristics . These personal features make you unique and they should be preserved.
Other people will notice your beauty but will not be able to trace obvious signs of a surgical intervention.
The creation of the NATURAL and UNOPERATED  look with preservation of your UNIQUE features . The result is beyond what can be said.

This total and artistic approach is made possible by using and understanding the Multivector Harmonic Facelift technique or The (In)visible face lift.

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